The ultimate NFT staking solution.
Enable staking on your NFT collection today
Reward your community.
Reward yourself.
Stakeaway is reimagining NFT staking
Our process is unmatched in speed, security, flexibility and cost-efficiency.
By using Stakeaway, NFT owners can save time and money, and NFT creators can benefit from an extra revenue stream.
With no setup costs you can get started with no risk!
Virtually Gasless
With all reward calculations done off-chain, no gas is used to stake or unstake NFTs. Two transactions are required when tokens are claimed, but tokens from all linked wallets can be claimed at the same time. The total gas for those two transactions is typically around $1.
Unbelievably Easy
From a community member: “This is my first time using a staking platform because of all the horror stores I've heard about all the hoops you have to jump through but here I clicked the link, linked wallet, then staked wallet, and I'm done. So simple. In other words, love it.”
Flexible Rewards
Use our built-in reward calculations, or work with us to develop a specialized reward algorithm. Specialized algorithms can draw on a variety of on- and off-chain data, and can employ complex reward mechanics that are not feasible for smart-contract-based staking.
Maximum Security
With just one simple smart contract, attack surfaces are minimized. As NFTs never leave your wallet they remain under your control when staked. Being able to claim tokens from all wallets in a single transaction encourages the use of cold storage wallets.
Brand Promotion
When you sign up with Stakeaway you will receive your own subdomain. Your Stakeaway site can be branded with your own logo, images, colors and messages. For additional branding options, enquire about our custom domains and our API integration.
Revenue Streams
Content creators receive a generous 50% of the fees collected when their tokens are claimed. Our referral program further rewards creators by paying them an additional percentage of the fees collected by each project they refer, for perpetuity.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?
Just click or tap get started! We've put together an easy to use form that will collect most of the information we need. After you've submitted that we'll reach out to you to fine tune the details and complete the setup process.
What does it cost to get started?
Nothing! Some of our additional services have a setup cost but for the majority of creators who only need the core features there is no cost to get started.
What chains do you operate on?
We are currently on Ethereum and will soon be integrating with Theta. Other chains will follow based on demand.
Is there an admin panel?
Yes. We provide an extensive admin panel for creators. In it you can manage your collections, including adjusting reward rates and multipliers; view and manage tokens in the token pool; view and claim creator earnings; and manage various account settings and aspects of your branding.
Do I need to have my own token already?
No. If you don't have a token yet we can create a token smart contract for you as an additional service.
I have my own token, do I need to give you the private keys?
No. We manage a separate pool wallet from which token claims are sent. As a creator, you will be able to check the balance of the pool wallet in your admin panel and set up notifications to alert you when the balance falls below a specified amount.
How often do creator earnings get paid?
Earnings accumulate in real time. Creators can claim their earnings at any time from their admin panel. A small gas fee will be required by the network when earnings are claimed so payments to creators are not made automatically.
In what currency are creator earnings paid?
Creator earnings are in the gas currency of the chain on which their collections are minted. Currently that is ETH for collections on the Ethereum network and TFuel for collections on the Theta network.
As NFTs remain in owner's wallets, can't they sell at any time? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of staking?
There are several reasons a creator might want to enable staking for their NFT collections, and reducing available supply is just one. At Stakeaway, our position is that this can be better achieved by adjusting the reward calculations to encourage longer-term holding, rather than forcing it upon owners with draconian lock-up periods or by making the process of unstaking difficult or costly.
How does the referral program work?
When you refer another creator to Stakeaway, make sure to give them your referral code which can be found in the creator's admin panel. When a creator signs up with your code, they will still receive the same 50% of fee revenue whenever their tokens are claimed, but you will also receive an additional referrer payment, being 6.25% of the total fees collected. This payment comes from the fees that would have otherwise gone to Stakeaway, and is our way of thanking creators for helping to grow the Stakeaway network.

Referral fees are a two-way street, for another 6.25% of the fees collected from your token claims are distributed to those you refer. When signing-up, if you have a referral code it makes sense to use it!
What other services do you offer?
There are a number of other services we offer, including but not limited to: ◆ Advice regarding tokenomics; ◆ Token smart contract creation; ◆ Advice regarding reward calculations and setting up of specialized reward algorithms; ◆ Setup of custom domain (for creator managed DNS); and ◆ Setup and integration of our API into your self-hosted site.

If there's something you'd like that we've not mentioned, please get in touch with us on Discord and we'll do our best to accommodate your requirements.
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